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Born at South Suburban Hospital in Hazel Crest, Illinois on November 16, 1999.  Dr. Burke and Dr. Hayburn delivered him. I was suppose to get my tubes tied that day, but Daddy and I freaked out when the doctors cut my stomach too far and cut his little head open and Daddy said "Just get her back together."
Dec. 25, 1999
Joshua's first Christmas, one month old.
March 2000
Joshua's first time at daycare in Sauk Village (Learn as you Grow) He did good there. Ms. Sadie was his nursery director and he just loved her so much.
April 2000
Joshua's, first Easter. Did not like the Easter Bunny. Cried so much that day.
May 2000
Moved to Lynwood, Illinois when he was only 6 months old.
November 16, 2000
Joshua's first birthday. He dug into that cake and just laughed. Thank God we have it on video. I watch it all the time.
Christmas 2000
Joshua met Santa Claus for the first time at Aunt Rhonda's house (it was really Grandpa Peters) but he did not like Santa Claus. He would not go near him for a picture. 
Feburary 12, 2001
Joshua had surgery to remove his right testicle because it was non-decending and was growing upward. He recovered from that very well.
May 2001
Started day care at "They Playhouse" in University Park, Il.  Ms. Michelle was his nursery teacher and as he got older, he was with Mr. Gary in the toddlers. They miss him so much too today. He always liked playing trucks with Mr. Gary and Joey.
November 13, 2001
Joshua became a big brother to Jacob this day. He was so excited to hold his new baby brother. Him and Joey were the happiest I have ever seen them when they got to finally see Jacob after he was born.
August 2003
Joshua's Papa passed away. This was the first time Joshua knew what death was all about. And he was so upset when Papa died.
July 7, 2004

Joshua became a big brother again to Matthew. He was hoping for a sister, but, he was happy with little Matty.

December 2004
Joshua still will not go near Santa this year. Joey and Jake did, but he just wouldn't go.
June 1, 2005
We moved to Leroy, Indiana, and Joshua started coming out of his shell. He made so many friends there. His best friend was Chase Reynolds. They played all the time. Chase's dad even let Joshua hold and see his hunting guns and bow and arrows. That had to be the highlight of his summer.
August 2005
Joshua crashed on his little scooter and I thought he had busted his head wide open with all the blood. I was scared to death. Jean and Chris Cottrell took us to the emergency room. But, once we got there, it was  little bump with a big gash, but no stitches were needed. He was fine. He was a little trooper.
September 2005
Joshua started Kindergarten. He did not want to go at first, but after the first few days, and then finding out Chase was in his class, he really loved going to school. He would always tell me before that he was not going to go to school, that he wanted me to home school him. But everything worked out fine. His teacher was Ms. Melissa Banks at Winfield Elementry. He really loved school and made so many friends there. I know he is truely missed.
November 2005
Joshua's last birthday, his 6th birthday on the 16th, and then his last Thanksgiving with us at Grandma and Grandpa Peters, whom he loved dearly. He loved Grandpa's Harley and Grandma's slot machines and he loved playing with Buddy, their White German shepard.
December 8, 2005

Joshua passed away at 7:45pm. 30 minutes after our car was struck by a Southwest plane at 7:14pm at Midway Airport. He died from "Compressional Aphyxiation".  (I think I spelled that right) He was brain dead in two minutes, but didn't stop breathing until the extracted him from our car. We still do not know where he was at. One day, I hope I will know so I have closure in my life.

December 13, 2005
We had Joshua's wake at Steger Memorial Gardens. So many people were there that we didn't even know. Thank you to all that showed up for us and our family.
December 14, 2005
We buried Joshua that morning at Chapel Lawn and Gardens in Schererville, Indiana. This had to be the worst day of my life. This was the day that it really sank in that my Little Angel was truely gone.
October 31, 2006
Our first Halloween without Joshua. He loved tricker treating, even in the rain. He didn't care. He was a fireman, army man, a clown, a tiger, a bumble bee, and a lion. This year, He's an Angel for Halloween. Here are his brothers this year at our Church for the childrens Halloween party on Oct. 20th.

Nov. 16, 2006
Joshua's first birthday in Heaven. He would have been 7 today. It just isn't real that he is not celebrating his birthday with Jacob this year. They always celebrated together since their birthdays where only 3 days apart.

These are his birthday gifts from Mommy and Daddy this year.
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