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December / Christian Kidd (None)  Read >>
December / Christian Kidd (None)
December is a month that most kids look forward to. A month that some put on a smile just so the other small children wont see the hurt on their parents or family members faces. Days that are looked upon as a day that will never be forgotten may be the day that others look forward to seeing. My family and I will never be the same 'cause just like you and your family we have both lost a small child in the month of December. I hope you find peace and some understanding when talking to others. Light a candle in memory of my niece Stacia Paige Collins.. Close
Sorry for your loss  / Adriana F.   Read >>
Sorry for your loss  / Adriana F.
I don't know any of you guys but I just want to say I'm so sorry for your loss. I recently read about your story and it breaks my heart. Again, I'm so sorry for your loss. Adriana Close
Your Golden Anniversary...8 years gone by.  / Lisa Woods (Mother)  Read >>
Your Golden Anniversary...8 years gone by.  / Lisa Woods (Mother)

I can not believe it has been eight years since you have left this Earth. It still feels like only yesterday. I wish I could hear your voice and just hold you in my arms, but right now, I know you are in Grandma's arms safe and sound. I still can not believe you both are gone. I am having such a hard time with this. I can't sleep that much since Grandma went home, but I know she is with you and you are safe. So much has gone on over the years, that I wish you where here to share in it all. Joey is going to Job Corps in Ohio in January, please watch over him. Jacob and Matthew both played football for the second year. Jacobs team went to the super bowl,  they lost but they are the second best team in their division. Matts team at least made it to the playoff. Jessica is growing so fast. She is taking sign language at preschool and she loves it so much. WE let her decorate the Christmas tree her way this year and it's all about you and grandma, (and The Green Bay Packers lol) She loves you so much, it's like she knows you and has always known you. I swear a little bit of you was reincarnated into your little sister. It's amazing how much she is just like you. There are times she cries about you, and even thinks you are here playing with her. Grandpa is having a hard time dealing with Grandma being gone, but I'm taking care of him the best I can. Grandma Lou misses you so much too. She is having more problems with her arthritis honey. I'm worried one day she won't be able to use her hands. Please watch over her too as much as you can. She means the world to me baby. And Grandpa Woods, well we thought we were going to loose him the past few weeks, but he bounced back. I figured you were not ready for another grandparent yet, so you made him better to heal your Daddy's heart.  Daddy and I both are having a hard time tomorrow, with it being the 8th anniversary that you passed away. I still have so much hatred towards so many because you were taken from me. But I just hold it in. I don't want people to know the pain I deal with daily with missing you. You also have a new nephew, Nathanial. He is a doll. Joshalyn is getting so big and she is so smart. Cindy is a wonderful mother. I know you would be proud, because we are. I could sit and talk to you forever. Sorry I don't come on here that much, it just hurts so bad. Please tell Grandma my heart breaks everyday and I love and miss her so much. And I hope she knows I did everything I can to make her better. I'm glad she is out of pain and not suffering but damn do I miss you both so much. Your are my Angel Baby. Please watch over us. Still can't believe you would have been 14 this year and graduating Jr High School. I will come see you tomorrow. I promise you that much. WE ALL MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH. WITH ALL MY HEART. I LOVE YOU JOSHUA ANTHONY. (my little chicken butt).  Love always and forever,


<3 7 years of missing you......  / Cindy Hojnacki(woods) (sister)  Read >>
<3 7 years of missing you......  / Cindy Hojnacki(woods) (sister)

Been missing you for seven years, for some reason it still feels like yesterday, like today, like knowing you're going to heaven tonight but you havn't gone yet and thinking please don't go, one more kiss, one more hug! The hurt hasn't got easier, like everyone said, its been marinating in the heart all this time. The tears come from a deeper place and the hurt inside them is more potant.  Life has continued, time has passed, new memories have been made and your missing in them.  You've been gone longer then you lived.  Moving on means forgetting the hurt this day holds, how when every year Dec. 8th always comes. Hearing the date draws nails on chalkboard hearts. People hurt because they forget... loving you is too great to forget and inside the heart screams Joshie was here and he was great!!!! No words to describe it, to be in it is the only way to feel it, its hollow inside, a hollow that hurts. Peace comes only in knowing you're safe in heaven, you're spared from this hurt, this pain, happiness fills your days now as you watch over and protect. Not a year, not a month, not a week, not a day, not a hour, not a minute, not a second goes by without MISSING YOU TO HEAVEN AND BACK. LOVE YOU JOSHUA ANTHONY WOODS <3

mine and mom's protrait of you <3  / Cindy Hojnacki(woods) (sister)  Read >>
mine and mom's protrait of you <3  / Cindy Hojnacki(woods) (sister)

<3 joshalyn loves you too  / Cindy Hojancki(woods) (sister)  Read >>
<3 joshalyn loves you too  / Cindy Hojancki(woods) (sister)
<3 / Cindy Hojancki(woods) (sister)  Read >>
<3 / Cindy Hojancki(woods) (sister)
<3 you joshie <3 miss you to heaven and back  / Cindy Hojnacki(woods) (sister)  Read >>
<3 you joshie <3 miss you to heaven and back  / Cindy Hojnacki(woods) (sister)
gave life in memory of your life <3  / Cindy Hojnacki(woods) (sister)  Read >>
gave life in memory of your life <3  / Cindy Hojnacki(woods) (sister)
7 years of missing you  / Cindy Hojancki(woods) (sister)  Read >>
7 years of missing you  / Cindy Hojancki(woods) (sister)

we miss you always <3  / Cindy Hojnacki(Woods) (sister)  Read >>
we miss you always <3  / Cindy Hojnacki(Woods) (sister)
Happy 13th Birthday in Heaven  / Mommy   Read >>
Happy 13th Birthday in Heaven  / Mommy
I'm sorry I am posting this a day late. I just did not know what to say. I just cried all day on your birthday. The pain never stops. I try my best to make things good on your birthday but it's hard. It's really hard on Jacob...he was so use to you guys celebrating together. But I think this was a good year for him. WE went to dinner at his favorite restaurant and had a good time. When we got home. Him and dad talked and they both started crying. We all miss you very much. He hates having a birthday without you. I hate dealing with your birthday without you here. I wonder how tall you would be, what you would look like, how much you would love your little brothers and sister and your niece. What your grades would be like. would be in jr i say you are the lucky one, because you don't have to deal with the heartaches and lifes crap, but then do because you see the pain we go through and your heart aches because you can't be here and you miss us as much as we miss you. YOU ARE A TEENAGER...OMG it still don't seem real. I woke up and actually thought i heard your voice say " love ya mom". which who is to say i didn't , and that you didn't whisper that in my ear. I know you are safe, but i wish you were here in my arms instead. I'm sorry for things in the past, but I am doing right now and i thank you for being my guardian angel and my inspiration. If i don't think i can make it through the day, i sometimes ask myself..what would Joshua do or what would he want me to do. Sorry i didn't come visit you on your birthday. it was just too hard for me to go there. I will come see you today though. It breaks my heart every time i go there. i should not be visiting you there. LIFE JUST ISN'T FAIR. I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH JOSHIE. BUT I LIVE FOR YOU SIBLINGS NOW. I TRY TO MAKE THEM HAPPY AND GIVE THEM EVERYTHING I CAN. BECAUSE I KNOW THAT IS WHAT YOU WOULD WANT ME TO DO. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGEL. LOVE, MOMMY Close
HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY  / Cindy Hojnacki-Woods (sister)  Read >>
HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY  / Cindy Hojnacki-Woods (sister)
Josh its so hard to believe you're 13 I find myself wondering so much now what you would be like. Seeing Jake getting older and changing hes not a baby or little guy anymore :( and so I realize you wouldn't be either.  Its a whole new and different hurt knowing we'll never know...when I think of you you're still just 6 and Joshie, but you've outgrown that time and yet its the only time we know and have to remember of you, Joshalyn's 6 now and its hard to believe that much time has passed, it still feels like yesterday everyday....when we bring things to you its harder now well never know what you would like probably not trucks anymore, and so what do we do thats the only Josh we know.... It feels like the more time passes the more cheated we get, what happens when you turn 16, 18, 21,25,30 etc our memory of you will still be 6 the picture of you in our heart will still be Joshie only 6 years old....Joey's taller then me now uggg and Jake's not far behind, as he walked up to me the other day I couldnt help but smile and shed a tear...he looked like a handsome young man and I instantly wondered how you would dress what clothes youd like what music and sports......... sitting with him at dinner on his birthday I just looked at him in admiration as I listened to him talk about school and football and just be "grown up"....I was so thankful to just be able to sit with him for dinner on his birthday to look him in the eyes hold him hug him kiss him have him HERE its bittersweet because as I do that I think of you, but I promise you this moments like that, opportunities like that have the highest value in my life because I know just how precious they are <3 HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY JOSH miss and love you always Cindy AKA NINI Close
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSHUA  / Mom, Dad,joey,jake,matt And Jessica   Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSHUA  / Mom, Dad,joey,jake,matt And Jessica

In Memory of Joshua A. Woods
Nov. 16, 1999 to Dec. 08, 2005

It has been six years that you have left us and went to Heaven. Today is your 12th birthday. You have been gone as long as you were alive and it still does not seem real. You are so deeply missed and loved. There is not a day that goes by that we do not think about you. Words cannot express the pain we still endure daily, but we can smile every time we think of the things you use to do. If we could have a life time of dreams that would come true, we’d pray to God with all our hearts for yesterday and you. Love and miss you so much Joshua.
Love you always and Forever,
Mom, Dad, Joey, Jacob, Matthew, and Jessica

Happy 12th Bday Joshie  / Cindy &. Andrew Joshalyn (Sister&Brothr-in-law-/niece)  Read >>
Happy 12th Bday Joshie  / Cindy &. Andrew Joshalyn (Sister&Brothr-in-law-/niece)

Happy 12th Birthday  / Cindy Joshalyn (sister n niece )  Read >>
Happy 12th Birthday  / Cindy Joshalyn (sister n niece )

Hard to believe you turn 12 this year, I hope your birthday in heaven is as special as you are to us.  Its been a hard year and I know it was you at our side that got us through it and brought  a happy end to our year and a happy beginning to our new life and future.  Joshalyn turned five this year, next year will be hard for me because she will turn six, the same age i remember you as.  Shes so wonderful I think of you everyday because I know you sent her to me, as much as I could have never imagined you not here I cant imagine my life without her, it makes losing you so bittersweet and I know you did that for me so I can stay strong and continue to live and love.  Heaven has such a wonderful angel Joshie.  Joshalyn understands more that you are gone and she gets sad because she understands she will never get to play with you like she can with  Jake and Matt.  I know you would just adore her soo very much because Jake and Matt do.  I tell her you play with her all the time she just cant see you, I tell her youre with all of us all the time because your memory lives in our hearts.  Happy birthday baby brother ( even though your sooo grown now and almost a teenager, lol ) just like all my "babies" youll always be my baby no matter how old you get.  At least your not able to ignore me and crack jokes at how uncool I am although Im sure your there in spirit with  joey, jake, and sometimes matt complaining how lame and adult I am. :)  I love you Joshie Happy Birthday


What a Sweet Boy  / James H.   Read >>
What a Sweet Boy  / James H.
Dear Joshua

I just read about your story as I was researching on the web what a tragic loss not to have you with us here on earth.  As a dad of two I know how incrediblely precious you must have been to your parents and family. 

You're in a better place now and its so nice to see your life lives on through so many.  Take care...J Howey Vancouver Canada Close
Happy 11th Birthday  / Joshalyn Bollig (NIECE)  Read >>
Happy 11th Birthday  / Joshalyn Bollig (NIECE)
4th Christmas in Heaven  / Lisa (Joshua's Mom )  Read >>
4th Christmas in Heaven  / Lisa (Joshua's Mom )

Dearest Joshua


I can not believe it has been four years you have been in Heaven and gone from my arms.  Not a day goes by I don't think about you or cry about you.  I still have a hard time going and visiting you. It's not a place I like going because I hate the fact you are there and I get so mad and upset all over again that you are not in my arms.  I just want the person responsible for this to say I am sorry for what i done and taking your sons life.  Why can't that person just do that?  Money don't mean anything I want someone to say I am sorry for taking your child but I think I am asking to much. I know one day they will have to face you and tell you they are sorry. You have a beautiful baby sister. I just wish she had the chance to know you and see you. You would love her so very much and I know she would love you just the same.  We do take her out to see you when the weather permits (since she's still a little baby) but when spring hits she will be there all the time to see you and she will know all about her big brother I promise.  Words can not describe the pain I still endure everyday from missing you. Daddy and your brothers too. As you can see we all have our moments and days that we can not function because something reminds us of you.  I wish you could just touch everyones hearts and bring this family back together again and make Grandma Debbie well again. Please give Grandpa Skaggs Papa and Mema a great big hug and kiss for me and tell them I love them and miss them too and Merry Christmas and tell Jesus I said "Happy Birthday".  I wish I could just hear your voice Joshua.  Jacob and Grandma need a lot of help and love. I just don't what to do.  Well I"m going to go for now. Merry Christmas Joshua.  Love and miss you with all my heart and soul.


Love always and see you one day.


Im so very sorry for ur loss.  / Jake Harfmann   Read >>
Im so very sorry for ur loss.  / Jake Harfmann
It just kills me that ur son is gone. i feel very bad. i have a brother thats is only 8 now. He was born December 16,2000. if he was gone i dont know what i would do rite now. He looks just like ur son very much so.I remenber the first time i saw wat happened on the news. i was only 10 or 12 I dont really remember wat happened that day. I wish i was in heaven rite now. I am only 16 years of age. I cry very time i read about him. Tears role down my face for a long time. It just break my heart that to hear that a young person passed away at so little. If u ever need to talk im here just email me at I pray for Joshua and his family almost very day. He is not really gone he is with u 24 seven. You will see him again. He loves it there. At least now he is not in dangerin this world. P.s Jake Harfmann Close
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