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Joshua's 3rd Anniversary in Heaven  / Mommy   Read >>
Joshua's 3rd Anniversary in Heaven  / Mommy


I can not believe it has been three years today that you left my arms. But not a day goes by that I don't think of you and wish that I can hear your voice, touch your blonde hair, and hold you in my arms. Me, Daddy, Cindy, Robert, and Grandma Lou went to Midway airport today and left you some beautiful treasures this morning. This is the hardest time of year for all of us, with Christmas around the corner, but like I always say, you have the best Christmas present of all, you get to spend Jesus' birthday with him every year. You may be gone, but you are always in my heart to stay. Until we meet again, that's where I keep you until I can hold you tight and never let go.  I love and miss you so much baby doll. My heart aches each and every day.  Jacob is getting so big. He looks just like you. He started karate last week and he's doing good. Matt is getting big too. He's very smart just like you. And Joey is doing so good in school and he just don't know how to deal with things. I just wish you can reach down and touch Grandma Debbie and make her well again. Wednesday I will find out if you are going to have a baby sister or brother. You always wanted a little sister, so I hope that's what God gives us, just for you baby. Good bye for now angel.

Love you always and forever chicken butt,

Your Mommy

I remembered Joshua today....  / Laura Cearing   Read >>
I remembered Joshua today....  / Laura Cearing

While taking a walk at the cemetery today I came across Joshua's place at the cemetery.  It stuck out because there were so many things left there by people who obviously loved this little boy very much.

I remembered the name when I saw it because at the time Joshua was killed, I used to take my son over to Midway airport to watch the planes take-off and land from outside the fence at the end of the runway, while visiting his father.  We didn't realize at that time how dangerous that could be.  After Joshua's death we just couldn't stomach doing it again.  If circumstances had been different it very well could have been my son, who is only a few months younger than Joshua,  that day and not yours.

I posted an "In Memory of Joshua Woods" post on my blog today.  I hope you don't mind.  If you would like to see the post you can e-mail me at and I can send you an invite to the page.  The direct link to the page doesn't seem to post here.  If you wish it to be removed, please do not hesitate to ask.  I will understand.  I apologize if this brings painful memories for you and your family.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. 



Josh's Christmas List  / Pat Buchana (none - sympathetic stranger )  Read >>
Josh's Christmas List  / Pat Buchana (none - sympathetic stranger )
I am an engineer, turned financial analyst, with a 21 month old son...and while allowing the engineer in me to view YouTube for plane crashes to analyze them, I came across the Southwest Airlines runway overshoot of Dec 8, 2005.  That led me to search the web for "a 6 year old boy" as the articles wrote.  Then I thought, how terrible it is for Joshua Woods and his family to see his life reduced in the media to "a 6 year old boy".  And then to think, how reactive, and not pro-active, the airlines, the NTSB, the FAA, and our government is about so many things, just started  making me sad - sad for Joshua and his family.  So I thought it deserved my time and attention to write him and his family a poem of sympathy.

Josh, I hope you will see this from up in Heaven, and know that you will never be forgotten.  I also hope your parents and family can take some small comfort in knowing there are people out there who care, who cry, still to this day, even if total strangers, even if separated by great distances, over your passing.  So here you are, buddy:

"Josh's Christmas List"

Jingle bells ringing everywhere you go;
Christmas is coming - but will there be snow?
I bet your list for Santa was already made out;
Were you good this year?  Without a doubt.

You'll always be more than "a six year old boy";
You had a name, a life, and brought such joy.
I bet you were a good son and a good friend;
And had lots of sunny days playing without end.
I am angry at the breakdown of machine and humanity;
That cost you your life and your parents their sanity.
It's hard for me to grasp how pilots could mistake;
Simple calculations that determined your fate.

I am ashamed by our media which underplays
The value of life because it's not what pays.
How distorted our priorities have become;
What means the world to a few means nothing to some.

If I could wish anything for Christmas, be it small or bold;
I'd have Santa bring you back to Mommy and Daddy to hold.
If it took moving the Heaven, Earth,and the stars in the sky;
I'd pay that price to bring you back and comfort their cry.

So much love you brought in your short time on Earth;
So much more than anything, is your life worth.
Surely by now you know how much you are missed,
And what Mommy and Daddy still have on their Christmas list.

Happy Thanksgiving baby  / Mommy   Read >>
Happy Thanksgiving baby  / Mommy
I can not believe this is our second thanksgiving without you here. The last time the family saw you was two years ago today. It seems like only yesterday you where in my arms then again, it seems like forever. Jacob did not celebrate his birthday without you. He still got you a cake and sang to you sweetheart. Mommy is not doing good these days. I think I finally snapped not having you here. I can not handle it Joshua. I want to be with you so bad, so I can hold you and just tell you I love you. Life just isn't fair. I just don't feel like I deserve this life I was given because of your death. I would give it all back to have you in my arms. My whole world has crumbled, and my family feel apart and I am being blamed for everyones problems. Believe me, I would rather trade places with you in a heartbeat. I know you see what is going on in my life, and I hope you understand me one day and I hope you know how much I love you and I hope you still love me. There are things I need to do, so I am happy again, and I'm just not happy here anymore baby. Please understand that. We will be together again, one day soon. Enjoy your  thanksgiving baby. The only thing I have be thankful for is I still have your brothers in my life, but it's not the same without you. I miss Cindy and Joshalyn so bad, I miss Grandma Skaggs and Aunt Rhonda but you know the deal with all this. Please tell me where I went wrong baby? Wasn't I a good enough mother? What did I do so wrong, that God took you away from me? I don't think I will ever know or understand. Please just take my hand and bring home to you.

I love you angel baby.


its still hard to believe your gone, i still rememeber spinning you in circles til your pants started to fall the last time I saw you.  I miss you so much I wish more than nething I woulda been able to spend more time with you then I got but I know your on my shoulder protecting me each day, my lil guardian angel.  I miss you so much, Cindy Close
My heart breaks  / Holly Crofton   Read >>
My heart breaks  / Holly Crofton
I look at your photos and wonder how things like this can happen.  I am so sorry for you loss.  It amazes me how fragile life is and how it is possible that someone so beautiful and vibrant can be gone so quickly.  I remember that day from the news reports, and from the bottom of my heart I send my deepest sympathy.  This is something no parent, or family should ever have to go through.  God bless you all. Close
The days get rough and trying  / Cindy Woods (Sister)  Read >>
The days get rough and trying  / Cindy Woods (Sister)
Oh my dear Joshie words could not explain the refuge I seek, the days get hard and weary and I dont know wat to do i dont know where to begin even. The world spins again like wen we lost you, I keep lookin for Gods open window and I can't find it, please Joshie just help us through my loving guardian angel, we need u now,Love you and miss you with each passing day the pain grows, it still does not seem like u r really gone, I just cant accept it maybe I really dont know... Close
Just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful things you have given us Joshua. We would not have this if it wasn't for you. But all these things do not replace you, or the pain we live with everyday of our lives. Joey is on the Bulldogs football team and he's doing great. Jacob is going to Kindergarten and he will probably be at your school with your teacher. Matt, well, he's getting so big. They all miss you so much. Jacob was on his way home from Day Camp and he just started crying thinking about you yesterday. Daddy and miss you so much. We packed up your stuff last night to take to the new house, and it just killed me to see your clothes because I know you would have not fit into them today and I am missing out on that. We all are cheated of watching you grow up, and you got cheated out of your childhood. One day I am going to have an age progression photo done so I know what you would have looked like today. I miss you so much baby. But thank you for the new house, new car, and all the wonderful memories you have given me. I hope you can feel my arms around you and the kisses i send you everyday. The tears will never end, the pain will never ease, and my heart will never mend. I love and miss you so much Joshua. And I know you know this. One day we will be together and we can just run and play all day with no cares or worries in the world. Sometimes I wish I was with you right now. If I could change things, I would, you would be here and I wouldn't. I filled my life, you didn't. God should have taken me baby, not you. You were just a baby yet. Just learning how to read and write.   I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH BABY DOLL. LOVE YOU MOMMY Close


So Very Sorry for Your Loss  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )  Read >>
So Very Sorry for Your Loss  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )

Pic / Cindy Woods (Sister)  Read >>
Pic / Cindy Woods (Sister)


I miss you...  / Cindy Woods (Sister)  Read >>
I miss you...  / Cindy Woods (Sister)
Joshie I miss you so much every day, the pain just wont go away.  I cant make it seem fair that I will never get to spin your skinny little butt in circles til ur pants started falling down, I love you Joshie, I kept my promise to you I hope you like it, now I will always have my guardian angel on my side....I love you

PS Joshalyn is getting so big I can't stand it, she is so smart and beautiful, I thank you everyday Joshie for the beautiful gift you've given me in my daughter, she is the reason I have gotten this far through your loss and I know that is why you had God give her to me.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Close
im sorry for your loss  / Joshua Woods (none)  Read >>
im sorry for your loss  / Joshua Woods (none)
i was just browing the internet, and i found this website, because my name is also Joshua Woods, i am 15 years old and  i live in London, England. i thought i would just post this to say i am really sorry for your loss, and im sure joshua is looking down from heaven and sees he has amazing support from all his family and friends. i think its so sweet and thoughtfull that you have dedicated this website in memory of him. If you want to contact me, to talk to me or anything,  my email address is : 

once again, i am really sorry for your loss.

Joshua Woods. Close
I'm sorry  / Charmaine (Char) Hendricks (Friend of moms )  Read >>
I'm sorry  / Charmaine (Char) Hendricks (Friend of moms )
I am so sorry for your loss. And I'm sorry it took this long to get intouch with you. I just never knew what to say to you. You were a dear friend to me. I hope you and your family are doing well. You are always in my thoughts and prayers kiddo.

Your old friend,
Charmaine Hendricks (CharChar) and Heather Close
Happy Easter  / Mommy   Read >>
Happy Easter  / Mommy

Can't believe we are spending a second Easter without you here. But I know you are having a wonderful Easter with Jesus. WE miss you so very much. I posted some Easter bunnies and Easter pictures on your main page. I hope you like them.


I love you very very much. and Miss you so bad.

Lisa Woods

I miss you baby  / Mommy   Read >>
I miss you baby  / Mommy
This is our second Easter without you, and it's not fun. The boys don't even want to color eggs without you. I stare at that picture of you when you where just 2 years old, the first time you colored eggs by yourself.  Some days it seems like only yesterday I heard your laughter and I held you tight, and then the other days, it seems like it's been forever since I held you and it's been 16 months since I heard that beautiful voice of yours and held you in my arms. I miss those days when you would run and jump into my arms after school so excited to show us what you did that day, and how well you where writing your name, and letters. You where so happy. Jacob said he hopes we can move to Crown Point so he can go to your school and have your teacher. He said maybe Joshies teacher will feel better with me in her class because I look just like Joshie and she won't be upset anymore. It was so cute the way he said it. He's just like you, he cares about others first before himself. He still has nightmares of the tragic night. It just hurts to see him like this. I wish you could just fix him. But I know it isn't that easy. I wish it was. Grandma Lou isn't doing very well either these days. But we are moving her down here with us this summer so we can take care of her. Michael will be 7 April 21st. It hurts because you guys where only a few months apart. Can't believe you would have been 8 this year. God that just kills me because I won't have anymore pictures of you from school. It's still hard to except that the boys will get older put you will always be 6 years old to me. One day, I'm going to have an age progression photo made of you so we can at least see what you would have looked like over the years. In a way I'm afraid to do it, but then again, I want to know. These people took that from me as well as your dad and brothers, grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. We will never see you graduate, get married or have children. You were robbed of your childhood and I was robbed of my mother hood (sorta speak). What would you have named your children? Who would you have married? Would you have gone to college or joined the Marines like you wanted too. What would you have been. Who would you be today Angel? These are things I will not get the pleasure of knowing or sharing. Words can not describe the pain I go through everyday getting the boys ready for school and not you. Having that empty seat at the dinner table all the time.  I know you are proud of who we've become today. I know these peole feel bad for what happened, but they don't understand the hell we go through day after day. None of them lost a child that night. I want to forgive them and accept their apology but it's so hard. You will let me know when it's okay to forgive them. You will give me that sign. Well, I need to go for now. I will write more later. Please tell Albert he is deeply missed by many, and to send his mom and dad kisses in the wind like you do to us. His mom is not taking this very well, none of the family is. Poor Debbi, it killed me the other day to hear her cry. It broke my heart because I know what Tina and Al are going through. Debbi lost you and Albert in a little over a years time. Please tell him we all send hugs and kisses to you both. And we all hope you have a wonderful, beautiful Easter with God.

Love you always and forever babydoll,
Mommy Close
Happy Valentines Day Joshua  / Chanda Wells (Faytaun's Mama )  Read >>
Happy Valentines Day Joshua  / Chanda Wells (Faytaun's Mama )

Happy Valentines Day Joshua, send your family lots of love and hugs from above. have lots of fun with your angel friends, Thinking of you always. Luv, Chanda Faytaun's Mamaxxxxxxxxxx Close
I miss you baby doll  / Mommy   Read >>
I miss you baby doll  / Mommy

Hi Angel above. I miss you so very much. We went and took down your Christmas decorations, and we are putting up your Valentine's Heart this weekend that Holly made for us at the flower shop. I'm sorry I don't come visit you more, but I just can not, physically or mentally handle coming there Joshua. I hate visiting you in a cemetery. I actually vomit when I come there because it gets me so upset everytime. I know you understand that. But, I do talk to you everyday though. We will be there the day before Valentines day to visit you. I don't miss the holidays or your Birthday. I do come there then. But we will be with the lawyers on Valentines day in Chicago talking about you sweetheart. I know that you and God will be with us that day also, giving us guidance, and peace, and strength to go on that day. I just want to be able to feel your presence that day. Joey is doing good with the home schooling and tutoring. Jacob and Matt are doing great at their school also. Jacob is turning in to you everyday. He acts like you, talks like you,  walks like you, everything. He misses you so much that it hurts to see him hurt like this. And Matty talks about you all the time. You can't imagine how much he talks now from the last time you heard his voice. He is such a big boy now. What hurts me the most, is that you are not here to enjoy them growing up. And that no matter how old they giet, and they get married and have their own kids, you will still only be 6 years old to me. This is the hardest thing I have to deal with. I want to know what you would look like at 16, 21, 30, etc.... You were robbed of your childhood, and adulthood and that, no one can replace. I will never see you gradute, get married, have kids, and I will never know how successful you would have become in live, or what your career choice would have been. But I know you always said you wanted to be a soilder and an astraunaut, and now, you can be anything you want to be honey.  But right now, I need you to be a guardian angel so bad right now, and watch over Grandma Peters and Grandma Lou. They are not doing good. I think the stress and pain of loosing you has been too much for both of them. Please go to them or give them a message that you love them and you are okay in Heaven with Jesus sweetheart. I need those messages too from time to time. I just need to see your face and hear your voice. It's been a few months since you visited me. Well, I'm just rambeling on. I love and miss you so very much Joshua Anthony. Please help us get through this next week. It's going to be hard and tense, but with you by my side in my heart and mind, i know we will be fine.  Good night sweetheart. Until we meet again. 

Love you forever and for always,
Mommy. Close
Missing you  / Mommy   Read >>
Missing you  / Mommy

This is so true. There will always be this emptiness in my heart without you here to fill it. Nothing in this world can take the place of you and the pain that I fill. My heart will not mend until I see you again and hold you safe in my arms.

My blue eyes still leak when your name I speak. I shed a tear evertime I feel you are near, and your voice, again I wish I could hear.

This is you, my Angel in Heaven above, looking down upon us sending your angel hugs. You are at peace, and I know you are safe, but I know you would rather be here with us, than a sacride place. But you are home now, I that's where you belong. You time here on earth was overdue. I will never understand why but God needed you more, but I know you can see me pacing the floor. I see you in my dreams, and smell you in the air, so I know, you will always be near. My Angel is with me, this I know, because my Jesus had told me so.

If I could, I would walk this stairway into Heaven and bring you home again.

Goodnight my precious angel, may you sleep comfy tonight. I kow you are there, You are the star that's shining bright. Close
daddy..... / Joshua Woods   Read >>
daddy..... / Joshua Woods

Hi Daddy, its me,
Your baby boy in the sky.
Won't you tell me Daddy,
why does my mummy cry?

Doesn't she know I'm happy here,
Heaven's a beautiful place
Oh, how it hurts me, Daddy
To see tears streaming down Mummy's face.

Daddy, tell her I'm much better here,
Jesus fixed my heart.
But when I see mommy crying,
It just about tears it apart.

I know it hurt you both, Daddy,
When Jesus took me away.
But you and mummy remember,
We'll be together again someday.

I can't wait to hug you again,
I never got the chance before.
When its time for you to come,
I'll be waiting at heavens door.

Then you'll both understand,
Jesus knew where I needed to be.
What a marvellous place to live,
Just wait and you both shall see.

Please let my Mummy know, Daddy,
That I heard every word she said.
And I remember her softly kissing me
As I lay and she kissed my head.

Just one more thing Daddy,
Before I have to go,
I love you both very much
And just wanted you to know. Close
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