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Happy Heavenly Birthday Joshua  / Chanda Wells (Faytaun's Mama )  Read >>
Happy Heavenly Birthday Joshua  / Chanda Wells (Faytaun's Mama )

Happy Heavenly Birthday Joshua. I know Faytaun will be helping you have a great Birthday. He loved Birthdays. Have lots of fun sweety. You and your Dear family will be in my thoughts. Thinking of you always. Luv Chanda Faytaun's Mama

Just a hello note to my Angel of Leroy, Indiana  / Mommy   Read >>
Just a hello note to my Angel of Leroy, Indiana  / Mommy
Today it's been 11months that you have left us. I can't believe it's been that long. It still seems like yesterday. Pastor Chuck and some friends from Church are coming over on your birthday for a little dinner to keep us company because it's going to be a hard day for all of us. Daddy is sick today. He caught the boys stomach flu and my strep throat. I have been just sick to my stomach, and haven't been able to eat, and the doctor said it's stress because of the hurdles we are facing these next few months without you. It's hard to believe 7 years ago I was pregnant with you, and I won't be able to kiss that little face this year on our birthday. But I know you are in heaven smiling down, and we know you miss us as much as we miss you. Like the song says, "there are holes in the floor of heaven, and your watching over us today".  I found out that Kenny Chesney received your Chronology video from his publisict and he has seen it, and it really touched his heart honey. We have one person to thank for that happening and she knows who she is. She works in Chicago. Jacob said he didn't want a birthday party because he was so use to spending it with you, but we thought we would have a big get together and try to make him feel a little better. He's been so sad joshua and he just walks around with this lost look on his face without you by his side. Please come to him one night and tell him you are always by his side and that you love and miss him just the same. It breaks my heart to see him like this. He may never grow out of this. But I know with you as his Guardian Angel, he will always be fine and protected. Thank you Baby for being you. Thank you for watching over us everyday and guiding us in the right direction with God. I know you are proud of us. I love you baby. Good night...... Close
Your Birthday  / Mommy   Read >>
Your Birthday  / Mommy
Hi baby. These next few weeks are going to be hard. Your 7th birthday is coming up, and I keep getting these pains in my stomach like  I did when I was pregnant with you. I haven't been able to eat, I have been physically sick, as well as Daddy and Jacob too. But the ironic thing is how some people can say they love you and miss you when they never got to know you, but I guess it's because of the love of Christ, everyone feels our sorrow, and you touched so many lives Joshua.  Our church is having a get together on your birthday so we have the support of friends and loved ones on that hard day. It's going to be hard to make it through without you here, but I know you walk by our side with Jesus everyday, and you are smiling down on us, because everyday, we make you happy and proud. For those who just love you and want something from your death, I know God will repent them and God will prevail. It's just morbid. They love you more now cause you are gone, but they will learn the hard way, that this is not how life goes. There are also old friends coming out of the wood work  that we haven't seen in almost 20 years or 15 years, and want to be our best friend now. A year ago, we would have never seen right through them baby, but you are showing us the way, each and every day. Your only family is Me, Daddy, Jacob, Joey, Matt,  Grandma Lou, Grandma and Grandpa Peters, Uncle Steve, Aunt Candi, David and Michael and the rest of my side of the family, but you know that, you see who loves you. Only us and no one else. You will not be made a fools of. (again) you know who I am talking about baby doll. If the love was there, why didn't that person ever call you, send you birthday presents, Christmas presents, etc. And how can someone that has only known you for mabye 6 weeks of your whole life, say they love you and know you. They know nothing about you. not your favorite color, favorite food, favorite song, and how you would sign your name is school. When you love someone, you know these things because these are the little things that ment the most to you. We are having an Age Progression photo done of you so we would know what you would have looked like this year on your birthday, and we decided to do it every birthday so you can still grow up with your brothers. Well, baby, Mema's church did a wonderful tribute to you last sunday. It was beautiful and the whole family was there to celebrate. I know you watched from above, and that made you so proud and happy. I will be adding pictures from that day to your website site soon. I love you and miss you so very much Joshua. I hope you like you birthday presents that where made for you.
Love you baby doll.
Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Close
Sorry for your loss  / Lorraine Grandma To Angel Landyn Crase (passerby)  Read >>
Sorry for your loss  / Lorraine Grandma To Angel Landyn Crase (passerby)
I am so sorry for your loss. Words can not heal your hearts pain but do know you are in my prayers and thoughts. You stopped and lit a candle at Landyns site, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I watch wgn news all the time seeing I was born in chicago and moved away. I remember watching your worst nightmare on the news that night. Your Angel is with you every where you go, hold tight to all your memories and keep them close to your heart.  He is a sweet angel. My daughter always says how she feels more for those who have lost their child that did not get to say good-bye, then herself. I hope Landyn met Joshua, and our angel babies are playing together, And listen to Kenny"s song together.  Take care Close
For You Joshua  / Chanda Wells (Faytaun's Mama )  Read >>
For You Joshua  / Chanda Wells (Faytaun's Mama )

Hey Joshua, Just wanted to bring you by some of your favorites. Hope you like them. Im sure you and Faytaun are having lots of fun together. He liked all these shows too. Thinking of you and your family always. Luv, Chanda Faytaun's Mama Close
My Angel Baby  / Mommy   Read >>
My Angel Baby  / Mommy
Your birthday is just around the corner, and it just tears my heart in two. I am glad to see others finally send a tribute. Please watch over Cindy and Joshalyn, for we worry about them often. Like she said, You are watching from above, and you are happy with what you see today, and what we all have become. We have become stronger, and wiser, and closer than ever, we just wish we did it sooner, so we could share it with you. But some people need to realize that others do change. It might have taken some years to accomplish it, but it has happened. I can say gracefully that you are very proud of daddy and I today. More than you have ever been. We can promise you that you will always have a smile to wear in heaven. Please watch over Grandma Lou, as you know her health is not good at all. Please protect her Joshua, she can hardley walk at all. Her body is shutting down slowly with the Lupus baby. She said the other day, maybe it was you calling her home. We didn't know what to say to her, except that you do love her, and just want her happy and healthy. Right now, she needs your guardianess more than anyone right now. Please give Joshalyn a kiss for us and Cindy too. Please let her know we love her, and sorry for the hell we put her through over the years, but also, she was no angel either....but we never stopped loving her or believing in her. The bible says you should forgive and forget, and love one another. Some people need to read their bible a bit more before they use the Lords name and pray to him for you. Close
I just miss you baby!!  / Lisa (Mommy)  Read >>
I just miss you baby!!  / Lisa (Mommy)
Hello Joshua, it's mommy. It seems like it's been forever since I heard your voice, and seen your smile. And it's only been 9 months since you became an angel. There is not a day that goes by I don't think about you. As Matt gets older, he looks just like you and Jacob acts just like you. There is so much pain in their little hearts and eyes, and I just want to cry everytime I look at them. Jacob crawls in bed with me everynight just like you use to do. It's a great feeling, but then again it hurts because it reminds me of when you use to to that too. I wish all his stuff with the legal issues would be over so we can move on in our lives and remember you the way we want to and honor you in the way we want too. I just want to live a normal live again, but I know I never will, because without you by my side, my life will never be normal again. Joey is doing good in his new school, and Jacob is really doing great too. He writes his letter just like you do, and every day, he draws a picture of you with a rainbow in his class. You ment the world to him honey, I hope you know that. You ment the world to all of us. Matthew is talking so much now, you could not imagine.  The rest of this year is going be hard. My birthday is this monday the 18th, then Halloween, then your birthday and Jacobs birthday, then Thanksgiving, (which was the last family holiday we spend together) then the anniversary of you becoming an angel, and Christmas. These next 3 months are going to be a living hell without you here. So many times I told myself I don't want to go on without my Joshi. But, I know you would not want that. I know you want me here on earth to take care of your brothers and daddy. And I promise you I will do that. I will never let you down again sweetheart like I did that night. People say I didn't, but I feel that I did, because I could not find you in the car with that damn plane on top of us. I'm so sorry Joshua. I wish you could just give me a sign that tell me you are okay, you still love me, and you know I'm sorry and miss you so much. I just need to know that you know that honey. Oh yeah, I'm going to start driving a school bus again in the next few weeks. I think that working with children will help me cope with the lose of you a  little bit. Maybe not, but you know I love working with kids. Well, baby, everyone misses you and send their love to you everyday. So good night my angel, and sleep tight. I will send you kisses in the wind tomorrow again.

Love you always and forever,
Mommy Close
My baby brohter  / Joey (Brother)  Read >>
My baby brohter  / Joey (Brother)
To My little Brother; Joshua:

I love you joshua  and  I  miss you; so  does Dad, Mom, Matthew, and Jacob. I love you very much. From  Your Big Brother    Joey.                                        Close
To My Angel  / Lisa (Mommy)  Read >>
To My Angel  / Lisa (Mommy)
Joshua, I just wanted you to know how much I miss you so. I sit and look at your smiling face everynight, and I just sit and cry. I can not believe you are gone. It's going on 9 months, and it still feels like yesterday, when you jumped into my arms after school, and the same day of your accident, you came home from school wanting to send flowers for your teacher, because her Mother had just passed away. You were always very thoughtful honey, and I wish a lot of people had the chance to see that in you. But you know what, the most important one of all did, JESUS, and that's why he brought you home, because he needed your special talents up in Heaven. Jacob is still having a hard time with all of this. He doesn't hardly eat, and can't sleep. He still has bad dreams, and then he doesn't want to play, because he can't show you things that he makes. He said he doesn't want a birthday party anymore because you are not here and just the other day, he asked me if we could have another baby and name him Joshua. I asked him why, and he said that maybe having another Joshi around, You and Daddy won't be so sad anymore and then I will have a Joshi to play with again. That just broke my heart in two. Honey, I'm so sorry I could not find you that night, and still today, I have no idea where you were in that car. All we know is that the Firemen said they had a difficult time finding you. I guess when the time is right, we will know, so we (I) can have some closure in my life and in my heart. But for two weeks before this accident you knew your precious little life was coming to an end, before we did. You had that dream 9 days before the accident that you were killed in a plane accident, and then for the last 3 days of your life, you just wanted to go visit everyone, and you never asked that before. Once I looked back on those two weeks, I realized you knew you would be leaving us, and that's why you did not want to go to school anymore, you just wanted to spend all the time you could with Daddy and Me. I wish I seen these signs back then Joshua. I wish we stayed at McDonalds longer that night so you could play in the playland. I wish, I wish, I wish....
But remember, there is not a day that goes bye that I don't think about you, or what you would be doing, or who you'd be today. I will always wonder that, and wonder what you would look like. It's going to be hard to see your brothers grow up and you are still only 6 years old in my heart and mind. That hurts so much. Sometimes it's hard to breathe when I sit here talking to you. But, you know what, it sucks because I can still breathe and you can't anymore. But I know, you are being a great big brother to alot of new Angels in Heaven. Please give Grandpa Skaggs, MeMa, PaPa, and Christopher a big hug and kiss for me, and tell them I love them and miss them very much too. I love you baby. Until we meet again.
My heart breaks everyday. I love you so very, very, much Joshi.
You will always be my "Chicken butt".......I miss your little tickle button too on your belly..... Close
Place your lives in the hands of God. keep your head high a pray everyday.  / Maria Johns (friend of the famly )  Read >>
Place your lives in the hands of God. keep your head high a pray everyday.  / Maria Johns (friend of the famly )
Dear little Joshua, I know its hard without your family, but God makes everything happen for a reason.  Little do we all know, God has a plan for everyones lives and when it is destined to end from the day we are embeded into our mothers wombs.  We never thought that you would've been the one to leave this earth so young and innocent, but dont worry.  God will send blessings to your entire family each day that they wait to see your big smile and hold you once again.  We will never know the reason why he chose you on that day.  No one will ever know when its their time to go, we just have to live our everyday lives to the fullest and make sure you place God at the top of the list.  May God bless Joshua's entire family and friends with nothing but the best.  We Love you!!!!!!!  Close
You are an inspiration to all!!  / Alisa Pointer (Close family friend )  Read >>
You are an inspiration to all!!  / Alisa Pointer (Close family friend )
Dear Joshua,
Everyone misses you a lot.  It hurts everyone to hear what has happened to you.  Especially for those who have children.  I really get choked up when I think about the tragedy that you went through.  My children miss you a lot, especially Maiah, she remembers playing with you when you came to our house.  She couldn't stop crying at your funeral and at home.  I wish there was something I can do to bring you back, but I know there isn't, we just have to be patient and wait until it's our time to meet you on the other side.  You will always be remembered by the Pointer and the Johns families.  We love you and will never forget you and how many lives you've changed, because of your inspiring life.  We'll see you again.  Love you Joshua Woods.  From Alisa Pointer and Family. Close
A little note to a very special boy  / Sonja Anderson (Jenna's Mommy )  Read >>
A little note to a very special boy  / Sonja Anderson (Jenna's Mommy )
Josh, I'm so glad that I found your Mommy so we could help each other through the pain of losing our babies. Please know that I will be there for your Mommy and your family any way I can. Just like you can be there for my Jenna when I can't be. Please send your Mom signs from heaven to let her know that you are ok. Even though I didn't get to know you I can tell that you are very loved and missed by a lot of people. Your presence here on earth and the way you had to leave had a great effect on me and my family. You are a very special angel in heaven and Jenna is lucky to have a handsome little guy like you by her side!  Sending love........Sonja Close
My Angel  / Lisa Woods (Mommy)  Read >>
My Angel  / Lisa Woods (Mommy)
Mommy misses you so very much. I cry every night. I am so sorry I couldn't find you that night and save you. I will neve forget your laugh, or your little tickle button on your stomach. Not a day goes by I don't think about you honey. I wish you were here with me, sitting on my lap, playing games like we use to every night. Everyone missed you so much sweetheart. I know you are looking down on us and you can see that. Everytime it rains, I tell your brothers that it's your tears falling down, because there are holes in the floor of heaven, and you are looking down. I know you are in a better place today. You are with Jesus, Grandpa Skaggs (whom you never met, but you have now), Mema (who passed away two months after you did, once she got the truth about your death) and PaPa. I know you are in good hands. Like the song says, "I wonder who you'd be today." But I know you wanted to be a Marine, a Police Man, A Fireman, and An Astronaut. You can be anything you want to be baby. You are "Flying High" now. You are my Guardian Angel. I love you Chicken Butt..... And I miss you so, very, very, very much.

Love you through all eternity,
Mommy Close
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